22 May 2011

Not quite ordinary

Sundays are always a little peculiar. For whatever reason, that specific day of the week is one often marked by headaches and a skewed sense of time. I wouldn't necessarily call it a lazy day--the inevitable feeling of inactivity-induced stagnancy is not one I particularly relish--but somehow, it just feels different. Granted, I am not technically "at home" (although my sister's house sometimes feels more like home than does my current residence) and am trying to fight off the rarely occurring nuisance of mild illness. It also happens to be my sister's boyfriend's birthday, so the usual complement of celebratory elements (e.g., dinner preparation, cake baking, etc.) make their expected appearances. I can't really say whether the atypical nature of current circumstances amplifies that "Sunday feeling," but in any case, it's turning out to be a bit of an unusual day.

The early part of the afternoon was also something of an oddity for me. On a quick lunch run with my sister, I recalled hearing word of a local cheese shop selling vegan grilled cheese sandwiches. Sacred Wheel, the shop of interest, was mere steps away from the deli from which my sister purchased sandwiches for herself and the birthday boy. Opting to indulge my curiosity about whether the aforementioned vegan grilled cheese sandwiches were still in circulation, I ended up wandering into a place I normally would not expect to find vegan-friendly food options.

Sacred Wheel was indeed serving vegan grilled cheese sandwiches today. Vegan seafood chowder was also on the menu, but I decided to stick with just a small sandwich: a combination of sliced artisan bread, cheddar-style Sheese vegan cheese (also sold prepackaged in a small variety of flavors), and basil pesto, pressed panini-style to a golden crisp. The vegan cheese seemed to melt just as its dairy counterpart would, stretched impressively, and featured a very cheese like flavor--more like American cheese than cheddar. I didn't mind, as I used either variety when composing grilled cheese sandwiches back in my non-vegan days. The herbal element from the pesto made for a simple but tasty upgrade from the comparatively plain after-school snack of my adolescence. The entire package was a delightful surprise. I can now add vegan grilled cheese sandwiches to my working knowledge of vegan food options within walking distance of my sister's house.
The image doesn't show it, but trust me, there is properly melted vegan
cheese hidden between those toasty bread slices. It's a shame that my
phone's camera couldn't get a good shot of the stretch.


  1. holy gods of all melting vegan cheeses, this looks glorious.

  2. It was! Maybe I should have gotten the larger sandwich...

  3. Robin Smith5/22/11, 7:52 PM


  4.  Oh my gosh, I have been craving grilled cheese and that looks amazing. I'm going to have to keep an eye out for that brand. For now, I'll have to stick with my Daiya, though. Wonder how grilled cheese made with shreds will work?

  5. Wow, that looks awesome! I miss a properly melted cheese sandwich with toasty bread.


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