22 June 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Sugar

Sometimes a lady just needs a little something sweet. "Little," of course, is a subjective term.
Baked doughnuts with Irish "cream" glaze.
Double-time fresh strawberry cake.
Pretzel-topped, chocolate chip brownie with dulce de coco swirl.
You may have noticed that most of what I have posted within the last month or so has consisted of more photos than anything else. I apologize for writing so sparsely (this apology seems to apply to all forms of correspondence lately). But I will post a recipe or two--no joke, they're in the works--as soon as I am able to devote meticulous attention to the task.

Back to sweeter things: What sweet indulgences have you enjoyed lately?


  1. Bianca-Vegan Crunk6/23/11, 10:34 AM

    Those desserts all look crazy good ... especially the donuts. I'm a sucker for a donut. I just baked 160 vegan cupcakes for my BFF's wedding last weekend, so needless to say, I have been indulging.

  2. When technology permits I would like a piece of strawberry cake sent to me via air waves:-)

  3. I just made Hannah Kaminsky's Coffee Poppy-seed Cake and loved it. Your brownies look WILD but I am somehow more drawn to that strawberry topped cake! It looks like it came out beautifully.

  4. Vic (The Life)6/27/11, 11:30 AM


  5. Why bother posting these pictures if you are not sharing the recipes?


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