07 July 2011

Recipe Testing: Green

It has been a few months since I began testing recipes for Allyson Kramer's forthcoming vegan, gluten-free cookbook. Miss Manifest Vegan herself displays such prowess when it comes to creating homemade edibles, it's not surprising that I delight in being able to try out some of her original cookbook recipes. (These days in particular, cooking is one of the few activities that still manages to interest me and engage my strengths, so I certainly welcome the task.) I noticed a color trend in the last few recipes I tested, so I just thought I'd share a few more test recipe photos with you, brought to you by the color green.
Minted Green Pea Bisque.
Avocado Gelato.
Spicy Edamame Coleslaw.
What are some of your favorite green foods?

You can find additional test recipe photos on my flickr photostream. Also check out Allyson's blog, Manifest Vegan, where you'll find a slew of vegan, gluten-free recipes to try while eagerly awaiting the cookbook release.


  1. That avocado gelato looks amazing. I love all green foods best! Lately, kale salads with avocado have been doing it but collard wraps with pea dip are super too. Have you seen Color Me Vegan?

  2. Green is my favourite colour, (with yellow) so I make as much green food as I can :-). 
    I also like to use spirulina to colour my icing green. Green sauces are also high on my list!

  3. That ice cream looks wonderful! My favourite green food is pesto...and lately green smoothies.

  4. Nice vibrant greens!  Yes, I want some of that gelato, please.

  5. Natalia Ryan7/10/11, 11:13 AM

    The edamame coleslaw looks divine! 

  6. What beautiful green colors! especially like that avocado gelato! My favorite green food is Chinese green vegetables in a quick stir-fry to keep their color. :-)

  7. Lisa Marie Guevara7/14/11, 12:57 PM

    I had no idea she was writing a cookbook! Wow. That avocado gelato looks amazing! What a beautiful shade of green.


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