29 October 2011

Afternoon Project

I made a batch of homemade vegan candy corn this afternoon. I'm not much of a candy maker, but felt a certain festive inclination to try this recipe. It's easy to follow, but takes quite awhile to make what seems like a million of these wee nuggets. My batch is a little speckled, likely due to the soymilk powder not becoming fully incorporated. The texture is slightly gritty, but the chewiness perfectly mimics that of the candy corn I enjoyed as a child. To achieve the honey-like essence I remember from store-bought versions of the candy, I replaced half of the corn syrup with agave nectar. The slight alteration worked well. I'm curious about how a maple syrup version might taste, but given the tedious nature of the task, I probably won't make another batch of these festive confections for quite awhile. I have more than enough to share, anyway.
What (if any) Halloween treats do you enjoy?


  1. They are damned cute, though!

  2. KitteeBeeBerns10/30/11, 1:10 AM

    Wow, you did this recipe JUSTICE! 
    I like making sugar skulls, but for looks not eats.

  3. i can totally see how these were pretty labor intensive. they look awesome though, Tiffany! superw00t!

  4. veganinbrighton10/30/11, 10:26 AM

    That looks great, I've never had candy corn but it sounds yummy!

  5. Wow, I haven't had candy corn in ages, those look awesome! :-)


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