11 October 2011

A little here, there

Lately, my meals have been more like drawn-out series of snacks. I have been nibbling and grazing every couple of hours, rather than sitting down to dine on an entree three times a day. My kitchen stock is looking a bit sparse, because I haven't shopped for groceries since sometime last week, so I am eating through whatever is on hand. That setup seems to work out for today's Vegan MoFo theme--the Tuesday snack spotlight--so I'll share with you a few things I've pulled together with what was already in my kitchen.

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had baby bok choy kimchi still fermenting. I made it nearly a week ago and left it alone to pickle, without tasting it, until this morning; it just so happens that I finished off the last of the older, Napa cabbage kimchi last night, so it seemed about time to open up the new batch. The bok choy kimchi has developed those familiar, pungent kimchi flavors and aroma, in a good way. It's quite similar to the more common cabbage version, but with the texture and flavor of bok choy. Perhaps I should have added the optional diced fresh pepper to make it a bit spicier, but that is not to say the kimchi in its present state doesn't have a kick.
For something milder and a bit more filling, I like to slather fresh, homemade hummus on sprouted grain toast. I've had hummus and fresh pita bread on the brain since Saturday, following a Mediterranean-style lunch a friend and I enjoyed tremendously. The hummus I made isn't quite as delectable as what I ate over the weekend, but it's definitely good. I adapted my go-to hummus recipe by reducing the amounts of tahini and olive oil slightly. The sieve process is what really makes this hummus, resulting in creamy, spreadable goodness that is perfect on nearly anything. I have homemade pita bread planned for later this week, so I'm hoping to have a bit of hummus left for it.
I like having a sweet snack option available on occasion. After seeing a recipe for raw Fig Newtons on another MoFo participant's blog, I knew I would be making my own batch (or in this case, half-batch) soon. I don't make raw or no-bake cookies often, simply because I prefer baked versions. But these particular raw snacks are so evocative of their original, baked, store-bought counterpart that I wouldn't mind making them again. It's likely a good thing that I didn't make a full batch this time around, because I'm already having trouble resisting leftovers.
On what have you been snacking?


  1. Christine @ Oatmeal in my Bowl10/11/11, 4:51 PM

    Those raw fig newtons looks mighty yummy! 

  2. Using bok choy in kimchi is very creative! I've been snacking on lots of smoothies lately :)

  3. your raw fig newtons look amazing and now i know i have got to make them asap. 

  4. Richa@HobbyAndMore10/12/11, 1:36 PM

    those fig newtons look amazing and the kimchi too!
    Richa @ Hobby And More Food Blog


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