22 December 2011


There hasn't been much cooking happening around here lately. I have been in the Bay Area all week as a guest at my gracious sister's house yet again, so my food routine is abnormal (in good and bad ways). I did actually tote a colossal haul of baked goods with me to my northern California "home away from home"--specifically, panettone, cinnamon brioche roses, walnut maple biscotti, and Danish pastries--but don't have pictures to show of it. Too bad, because my Martha Stewart tendencies were definitely at work in the oh so precious wrapping. I may have a few shots of something on my camera back home, so you may see them one of these days.

In the meantime, the cold weather dictates that I fill up on inordinate amounts of soups and hot food in general, such as a recent variation on my posole with spinach and roasted butternut squash...
...and this jumble of radish, carrots, celery, kale, and shiitake in homemade vegetable broth.
Satsumaimo is always a treat when they're in season, being both reasonably priced and delightfully sweet when roasted. These particular tubers were some of the sweetest I've eaten this year.
And now for a gratuitous shout-out to my amazing friends (who don't actually read this blog, as far as I know). I always have heaps of love and gratitude for them--they're always a huge source of inspiration for me--but have been particularly aware and appreciative of their love, perspective, patience, and support lately. Maybe the holiday spirit is kicking in for me a little bit, too.


  1. I like the bay area cuz they seem pretty vegan friendly. Nice you can spend time with sis :)

  2. Happy holidays, Tiff! Enjoy the time with your sister and hopefully you'll be back to cooking soon :)

  3. What gorgeous photos!  And, how inspiring to put radishes in soup - I would have never thought of that.


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