31 January 2012

Recipe Testing, Part 2

I've kept my kitchen well-stocked with a world of sweet temptations, thanks to continued recipe testing for Terry Hope Romero's forthcoming cookbook. The sweet nature of testing for me lately has only reinforced what I already knew about the gal who co-wrote well-known and beloved books on vegan cupcakes, cookies, and pies: the woman knows her way around some serious desserts. If you can stand the tease, have a look at just a few of the sugary delights you'll want to make when Terry's latest work hits store shelves.

Hazelnut Orange Blossom Baklava
Hazelnuts make this classic pastry that much more special.
Mochi Red Bean Ice Cream Dumplings
These frozen bundles of dairy-free ice cream, anko, and sweet rice are the vegan answer to store-bought mochi ice cream.
Italian Cashewcotta Cheesecake
Rich and creamy, this crustless cheesecake is quite delectable on its own, but the balsamic strawberry topping makes it truly difficult to resist.
Mexican Chocolate Flourless Torte
This chocolaty cake is as decadent as it looks. Think fudgey brownie with a kick.
Coconut Lime Flan
Admittedly, I am not particularly fond of gelatinous textures, so this dessert was my least favorite of the bunch. I did, however, like the combination of coconut and lime--flavors which often evoke dreamy thoughts of a tropical escape.
Carrot Semolina Halva
The natural sweetness of carrots balances the spicy warmth in this thick pudding.
You can read Part 1 of this series of recipe testing posts here.


  1. This looks so terrific. I love baklava and a cashew cheesecake sounds pretty spectacular.

  2. wow- all of these desserts look delicious! i especially love the way the mochi dumplings and chocolate cake look!

  3. Mmm, I'm lovin' what you picked to test.  All those desserts look so good!  I've been working on baklava for some time myself, so I'm interested to see how her recipe and mine are similar or different.  But, tonight, I think I'd go for that fudgy cake.

  4. i love this testing post.. now if only i can get all these pre made desserts without heading to the kitchen!:)) the baklava looks so good.. well everything does.. i like flan, and i am loving the flavors and you cannot keep me away from a  good carrot halwa! 

  5. Great pictures!! Looks like the next book is going to be fantastic!

  6. Chow Vegan2/3/12, 5:21 PM

    Looks like you're having a lot of fun testing the recipes, everything looks so good! :-)

  7. wow.
    is all I can say :)


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