06 February 2012

Monday Miscellany: Works-in-Progress

My preoccupation with food is currently inspiring a wave of creativity. I won't pretend that anything I've attempted lately involved anything particularly novel, although the amount of kitchen know-how and imagination required was often enough to pull me out of my cooking comfort zone. These are first trials haven't impressed me enough to consider them recipe-worthy. Each project will likely get at least a second look, provided I can continue to be adequately curious and attentive.

Chocolate winter stout cookies
Although I'm perfectly comfortable with the notion of drinking beer, a six-pack of oatmeal stout had a way of prompting me to find ways to bake with it.
Mushroom "takoyaki"
In my humble opinion, seafood items are some of the most difficult to replicate in vegan forms. It's even more difficult when one has never actually tasted the original inspiration, as is the case with me and takoyaki (Japanese octopus dumplings).
Oatmeal baked apples
These are almost too simple and potentially mundane to turn into a formal recipe, but I still have this urge to throw a meticulous touch into the mix.
Have a lovely Monday, all.


  1. That apple oatmeal looks so delicious!

  2. I tried making oatmeal baked apples a really long time ago, and I think I remember it collasping and getting all soggy. Did you have to deal with that at all?
    I'd love to have another go at some!

  3. Chow Vegan2/7/12, 9:47 AM

    Interesting experiments you got going. It's always a challenge making something you've never tasted before - just went thru that myself. :-) Really curious about those mushroom takoyaki. The oatmeal baked apples look simple and super yummy!

  4. The apples did get a little soggy, but baking them in a jumbo muffin tin may have helped to keep them from collapsing. I had to remove them from the tin carefully, though.


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