13 March 2012


I can't recall which recipe first inspired my venture into the realm of cookie dough-like chickpea dips. Like hummus, these concoctions are, as the name suggests, chickpea-based and of spreadable consistency. The main difference, then, is one of savory versus sweet, with a cookie dough-like dip occupying the latter end of the flavor spectrum. I make it differently each time, due to memory lapse and my tendency to just wing it. My latest craving for a quick, sweet snack yielded an oatmeal cinnamon cookie dough-like concoction, some of which I ate with slices of an anjou pear. The dip is a combination of cooked, drained, and rinsed chickpeas; crunchy, raw almond butter; rolled oats; apple juice; pure maple syrup; molasses; vanilla and almond extracts; and ground cinnamon.

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