15 March 2012


One errant craving for pasta and bunch of Italian basil later, I now have a tub of bright green broccoli spinach pesto to dress up whatever I please. I used this recipe, but roasted the broccoli instead of steaming it and blended in a large handful of the aforementioned basil. The broccoli and spinach give the pesto more body than that of typical pesto Genovese (classic basil pesto); this version works marvelously as a dressing for pasta (more corn fusilli, in this case) and certainly as a spread or dip.


  1. fallen from flavour3/15/12, 6:00 PM

    yum! we had the same for our supper tonight, only with basil pesto and orzo pasta instead of fusilli!  

  2. I should get fusilli...it's one of those pastas I rarely buy.  I love that it's made of corn though since we have to stay away from wheat at my house.  I love how the veggie makes the dressing. Fabulous!

  3. Looks so delicious!!! i want to try to make this!


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