19 October 2012

VMF 6-19: Enchiladas

This batch of black bean, smoked tofu, and brown rice enchiladas was definitely a success. I so long for the weather to be more casserole-appropriate, so I can bake up comforting dishes like this all the time.
We ate them too fast to provide a money-shot of the inside. Sorry. Maybe next batch...


  1. Oh yum! It's been ages since I've made enchiladas and it's getting a bit warm now so I will have to live through your photos :)

  2. KitteeBeeBerns10/19/12, 4:46 PM

    wow! i have yet to find an enchilada recipe that i love. yours looks so good.

  3. Where is the recipe?

  4. vegan.in.brighton10/20/12, 6:18 AM

    Oh yum! I've never tried enchiladas but clearly I need to, they look amazing.

  5. Sorry, I didn't use a recipe and just threw everything together.


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